Chandra Metal Enterprises can cater all your requirements of  Diesel engines, Pumping sets, generators, D. G. Gensets, Centrifugal pumps, Water cooled, Air cooled gensets, Slow speed diesel engines, High speed diesel engines, Air cooled diesel engines, Easy start, Double cylinder Welding Portable gensets, monoset, Light weight, pump sets, expertise in the engineering fields.

The range of engine which we include are Cars, Trucks, Buses, Marine Engines, Earthmoving Engines, Tractors, Two Wheelers, Generators, Excavation Engines, Industrial Engines, Stationary Engines.

Chandra Metal Enterprises endeavors to continuously improve processes, products and technology, with the objective of serving people better. This in turn has made Chandra Metal Enterprises the undisputed leader in the products it manufactures with a strong reputation for quality and service.


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